Producer Council Update

June 7, 2022

Producer Council - Sep 12, 22

As a reminder, the Producer Council exists to protect producer interests that we feel define us in comparison to other agencies/brokers. The council will continue to meet monthly and as needed with the additional purposes of:

  • Developing, maintaining and improving our Sales Culture
  • Sales Management including talent evaluation and development
  • Producer advocacy/representation to agency management
  • Planning of monthly sales meetings and annual sales summit
  • Review board in the event of an inter-producer dispute

While there are no “term limits” to a seat on the council, we will cycle on/off or add/remove seats as deemed appropriate and we do have some changes to announce. 
I’d like to thank Will Steinke for giving 10+ years of his time representing the Employee Benefits sales team. He’s played a primary role in the Salesforce integration, Accountability Groups and is everyone’s favorite organizer of the Producer Breakfast. He’s graciously volunteered to continue on with some of those responsibilities. Thank you, Will! 
Transitioning on to the Council in the Employee Benefits seat, I’d like to welcome Adam Wynia. Adam has demonstrated his ability to originate business at a high level and brings a fresh perspective to how we are building our culture.
In addition, we are adding a seat to the Council and welcome Ali Bowers. Ali has proven herself competent, successful and we are looking forward to her perspective moving forward. 
Our goal is to provide transparency into our discussion topics and we post the monthly meeting agenda to the CG Connect website. If anyone has any questions, please see me or anyone on the council.

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