October Leadership Update

October 17, 2023

Leadership Council - Oct 17, 23

2024 STRATEGY SESSION AND APPROACH Every 3-5 years we’ve done a deeper dive on our long-term vision. In 2024, its time for our leaders to gather to focus on the long-term view of our organization. It’s an exciting opportunity to pause and envision the future state of CG. One thing is for certain – protecting our team and culture will remain a priority for us.   This January we will bring together all managers and Leadership Council members to an offsite to discuss what’s ahead. As an outcome of this strategy session, all employees will receive updates on our long term vision and shorter term goals (2024 initiatives). This offsite will be held in late January and our launch of the 2024 Strategic Plan will be delayed. You can expect to hear more information at the State of CG in February or March. If you have any questions, please ask your manager, department leader or anyone on the Leadership Council.   BEST PLACES TO WORK IN INSURANCE SURVEY RESULTS We reviewed the trends on our latest Best Places to Work in Insurance Survey. We reviewed the upward momentum in some places and discussed some areas where we strive to improve upon. We look forward to share some key points with you during the Fall Business Meeting.  

2024 HEALTH PLAN We discussed our plan for 2024 CG Medical Plan. We will share updates at the Fall Business Meeting. Heads up: Open Enrollment is mid-November for the 1/1/24 plan.   **2024 SALES GOALS ** Tyler Simmons, leader of Producer Council, provided an update on the 2024 Sales goals process. Going forward the sales team will have a larger focus on our CG sales velocity and how each individual contributes to this number. Sales velocity will be used as a common term in sales meetings and check-ins with producers on their personal goals.   Sales Velocity is a metric used by Reagan Consulting to compare an agency's new business against other firms and report it in the Best Practices Study. Expressed as a percentage, sales velocity is calculated by dividing the new business written in the current year by the prior year's commissions and fees. A strong sales velocity metric is 15%.

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