Monticello Giving Tree: Thank you from the School

January 5, 2024

Charity Committee - Jan 5, 24

The Monticello High School giving tree was another major success! We were able to get almost all the gifts out to students before the break. We got to those who were absent before break yesterday. Thank you so much for your care & support! With your help, we were able to spread cheer to over 50 students in our building this year.   Here are some of the reports from staff:   A girl got a longboard. She said she had dreamt of getting one for several years but said her family would never be able to get her one.  She was so happy!    A boy opening his gifts said he'd never opened such a beautifully wrapped present before. He acted like his gifts inside were made of gold.   "This is so amazing. I've been to 14 schools and none of them did anything like this."   Once the student opened his gifts, he immediately put the sweatshirt on!!! Smiling from ear to ear. I told him... but wait, there is more!! I gave him a grocery sack and asked him to look through the extras table. He was SO HAPPY!!!  As I walked him back to the office so he could store his stuff there until the end of the day... he said... this is the best day ever!!!   A student got a suit & said he's wearing it every week. He was so happy & proud. He wore it the next day & the first day after break.   We had one student cry. He said he didn't think anyone cared & didn't think he deserved it. The teacher assured him he deserved it & they both cried.   All students were so thankful & appreciative. Many wore their new clothes immediately. We saw so many smiling faces! New shoes, winter coats, clothes & lots of fun stuff were opened. We had students who also got much-needed hygiene & personal care products. It was tear-jerking to see how excited some were about those items in particular.   Thank you so much for bringing these students such joy! We appreciate your help & support more than words can ever say.

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