May Leadership Council Update

May 20, 2022

Leadership Council - May 20, 22

We discussed our thoughts on a podcast/article on “How Toxic Cultures are Driving the Great Resignation.” It was based on data collected and quantified from Glassdoor reviews. It’s worth the listen, Full Podcast (1 hour, 9 min), or use the Quick Read Version (12 minutes). While we have a great culture, it comes from continuing to assess how we’re doing and how we can continue to make Christensen Group a great place to work.

A few ideas came from our conversation including:

-   Sharing Top Producers of the Year at the end of each year. This recognizes our top producers and helps all employees know how we’re doing in sales goals.
-   Hosting ‘Idea Day’ type sessions across our organization. Stacy Bury hosts “Idea Days” in Commercial Lines and it’s a great way to spark new ways of thinking and improve our processes. We’ll be following up with Stacy on this idea (pun intended).

Let us know if you read the article or listen to the podcast. Share any ideas or inspiration with anyone on the Leadership Council or your direct manager.


Discussed the current state of technology initiatives. Right now, we are partnering with our vendor to migrate to Office 365. This is the first step inmoving towards laptops. We do not have a set date for laptop deployments. We will share more as soon as we can.

Reagan Summit 2022

Charlie attended the Reagan Summit 2022 where insurance leaders from across the nation gathered. Charlie recapped the conference highlights including insurance trends and a forward look on the economy. We felt validated we are focusing on the right recruiting tactics, processes improvements and are forging ahead in new geographies with positive economic growth.

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