March Leadership Update

March 27, 2023

Leadership Council - Mar 27, 23

We discussed an offsite for our Leadership Team. Every 3+ years we meet to discuss the long-term vision and strategy for our agency. The last exercise was in 2019, prior to the pandemic. One of the key decisions from that offsite was hiring a Digital Automation Director. With the hiring our Kyle Simmons, we’ve made huge strides in our internal automation and have ceased some outside partnerships that were a bottleneck to process and expensive to outsource the work. Our next Leadership Team offsite is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2023.
We also discussed the ongoing development of our Manager Group. Did you know we have 16 managers across CG? These managers meet every few months to focus on their development and brainstorm issues together. They also meet 1-2x a year for a Leadership Book Club. The next book is Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, which discusses the importance of “sharing the why” in communications to inspire action.
Managers also receive 1:1 development experiences such as attending Hanover Business School, attending leadership training sessions locally or nationally, and connect with HR quarterly for support and leadership coaching. 

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