June Leadership Meeting

June 23, 2023

Leadership Council - Jun 23, 23

As we continue to grow our segments, we are reviewing ways to network and learn from other agencies. We meet with a partner group that offers segmentation benchmarking and networking groups. We’re currently evaluating if we’d like to join this group.

Training & Development
Each department discussed how we support our team and individuals in their continued growth and development. We believe an employee should own, or drive, their own development. Meaning they should talk with their manager and discuss what’s important to them and what skills they’d like to grow in. We as leaders are here to support, guide and coach. Our Leadership Council conversation was intended to ensure we’re all accountable to creating this developmental-focused culture in all departments.  
What does this mean for you? If you haven’t talked with your manager recently about what you are learning or what you want to learn next, speak up. It’s mid-year time and a great time to revisit your 2023 Goals. You can always modify your goals to meet where you’re at now.

2024 Strategic Planning
We are starting to plan for 2024 and beyond. Every 3-5 years, we do a bigger refresh on our long-term vision. In early 2024, after we get through our busy fourth quarter, we’ll spend 1-2 days offsite focused on our long-term plans. This work comes together in our Annual Strategic Plan.

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