DEI Progress Update

March 29, 2023

"Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" - Mar 29, 23

An update on our progress towards the 3 focus areas outlined in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) roadmap. As you may recall, these three focus areas were created through hearing employees’ ideas during Listening Sessions in 2020. The roadmap was developed to guide our efforts towards creating a move diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Over the past few months, our Diversity Task Force has been hard at work defining next steps and implementing initiatives outlined in the roadmap. We have made significant strides in areas such as:

Have a more diverse candidate slate and hire the best, qualified candidates.

  • Designed a program for Women Interested in Sales. Hosted an overview session on International Women’s Day.
  • Created a Job Shadow Policy to host individuals interested in learning about a career in insurance. Why did we decide this was a good next step? You can read more on the DEI Page.
  • Reached out to 7 community colleges and universities career centers for a partnership.
  • Posting entry level jobs at 19 universities and community colleges, increasing our outreach by more than 50%.

Have an inclusive culture.

  • Hosted 5 CG Women’s Network events. Next event, April 5, Roundtable Event.
  • Added a cultural floating holiday to our company holidays.
  • Added pronouns (optional) to our signature templates.
  • Providing (optional) Unconscious Bias training for all employees, April 2023. Event Calendar.

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Next, we will focus on defining next steps in our third focus area: **Give back to organizations that support our diverse communities. **We encourage you to share ideas or suggestions directly with the Diversity Task Force or through this feedback channel.

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